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In-Person Events

Local to Baton Rouge

Reiki Level Two Class


🔹Event Description: 

Are you ready to open your  healing gifts to the next level? Are you called to share reiki with those around you more formally?  In this level 2 course, we focus on healing others. You will learn the first 3 reiki symbols to heal on the physical, mental and emotional levels. You will learn the basics for becoming a reiki practitioner and working with clients in a professional setting.  Reiki Level 2 will strengthen the flow of reiki in you and further open your intuitive skills.  Your personal healing continues as you learn to heal others.


*Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 is required before taking this class.  Please message me directly if you have taken Level 1 with another teacher and are interested in this Level 2 course.

🔹Date: JULY 15, 2023 

🔹Time: 9:00 PM - 4:30 PM 

🔹Location: One Heart Yoga, 340 St. Joseph St., BR, 70802

🔹Price: $282

🔹Registration Required! Spaces are limited!


Online Events


Sound Bath

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🔹Event Description:  Solar Light Upgrade on the Solstice!

Energize Your Bodies and Fields with the Light of the Sun -Solstice June 21st - For this online sound bath, we will be attuning to the higher levels of light energy coming through our Sun and the Great Central Sun of Helios.  We will connect these powerful energies directly into our personal sun center, the solar plexus.  Attuning to and integrating these light levels will help us adjust to the rising energies around us with greater ease.  This magnetic energy brings forth growth, creativity, expansion and new opportunities.  When our bodies and fields are aligned to the energy of the sun, we can be fully energized and open to our light paths. We become anchor points of this golden light, which not only brings us healing, but also advances our growth.  When we are aligned to higher vibrations, we are also able to effortlessly spread light to others around us.  Are you ready to step into the light and receive this gift? 

🔹Sound Bath will include:  7 Crystal Singing Bowls, aligned to 7 Chakras, Vocal Light Language of the Angels, Crystal Grid placed to anchor the angelic energies.   

🔹Date: JUNE 21, 2023

🔹Time: 5:15-6:15 PM CST

🔹Location: ONLINE - ZOOM

🔹Price: $25

🔹Registration Required! 


Classes Coming Soon

Are you called to explore your own ability to self heal? Would you like to raise your vibration?  Why not take a reiki or light language class and deepen your journey into self healing?  Learning these energy healing techniques can bring you into a higher state of balance and peace, as well as giving you the tools to help heal others around you.​

🔹 Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Teacher (live classes at each level)

🔹 Light Language with voice and singing bowls (Individual class - Register Here)

🔹 Lightworker 101:  Grounding and Protection (pre-recorded video)

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