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In-Person Events

Local to Baton Rouge

Sound Bath


🔹Event Description:  Complete Chakra Clearing, Alignment & Activation with Pele

When listening to this sound bath, you will recieve:

  • Full clearing and balancing of entire chakra column

  • Aligning the major chakras to each other to allow for an increased flow of higher energies through the bodies and fields

  • Deep grounding into the core of Mother Earth

  • Attunement to the energetic vibration of Pele

🔹Sound Bath will include:  7 Crystal Singing Bowls, aligned to 7 Chakras, Vocal Light Language of Pele and the Angels, Crystal Grid placed to anchor the angelic energies in the room.  

🔹Date: APRIL 25, 2024

🔹Time: 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM 

🔹Location: One Heart Yoga, 340 St. Joseph St., BR, 70802

🔹Price: $25

🔹Registration Required! Spaces are limited!

🔹Unlimited access available on the recording!

✨This is a live, in person event.  A recording will be available within 24 hours that will be just as powerful as the live event!✨


Sound Bath


🔹Event Description: 

Jesus and Archangel Metatron Align us to Christed Mahatma Energy.  Higher Levels of the Christed Mahatma Light are coming in to propel our Ascension journey forward in a massive way!  This is one of the highest frequencies available to us at this time.

Join me for this sacred sound bath with Jesus, Archangel Metatron and surprise guest, the goddess Pele! During this hour you will rest and be bathed in the Christed Mahatma Energy!  This high vibrational energy has the ability to shift your energy in an incredible way.  When you carry the Christed Mahatma in your energy fields, you may use this energy for clearing, healing, spiritual growth, manifestation, protection and so much more!  Now more than ever, we are called to focus on the light and align to the highest vibration possible. We have the ability to create a better world!

🔹Price: $25

✨This was a live, in person event. A recording is now available and is just as powerful as attending live✨


Classes Coming Soon

Are you called to explore your own ability to self heal? Would you like to raise your vibration?  Why not take a reiki or light language class and deepen your journey into self healing?  Learning these energy healing techniques can bring you into a higher state of balance and peace, as well as giving you the tools to help heal others around you.​

🔹 Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Teacher (live classes at each level)

🔹 Light Language with voice and singing bowls (Individual class - Register Here)

🔹 Lightworker 101:  Grounding and Protection (pre-recorded video)

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