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Let me help you Heal through

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Sound Healing

Crystal Therapy

Angel Reading

Light Language Class

Raise your vibration and be attuned to the language of light!

Have you ever wanted to become attuned to light language?  Learn the basics of light language and become attuned to several different modalities of light language - singing (or toning), speaking, drawing/writing, drumming, hand movements, singing bowls and/or other instruments.  We will tailor this class based on your strengths/preferences. We will focus on developing trust in your own intuition so that you can more fully allow the light language to flow through you. 


Learn to become more comfortable with toning/singing using some basic vocal techniques from Kerri, a former opera singer and voice teacher.  If desired, class will also include basic techniques for playing singing bowls - different types of bowls, set up, types of mallets, how to strike the bowl, playing a set of bowls, etc. 



🔹Definition of Light Language

🔹Uses of Light Language 

🔹How to channel Light Language

🔹Attunement to Light Language for singing (or toning), speaking, writing/drawing, drumming, hand movements/gestures, singing bowls, other instruments

🔹Basics of Singing and Crystal Singing Bowls (if desired)

🔹Setting intentions, self healing, aligning to love

🔹Practicing various forms of Light Language

Course Fee: $144


“Light language is a profound communication with your Higher Self; your Higher Self speaks it fluently.  The Languages that come through you (or that you are drawn to receive) are a reflection of your soul’s history and your life path on Earth.  Your Higher Self transduces the frequencies so they are healing and expansive at the appropriate pace for you.  As you communicate more deeply with and through your Higher Self, you expand your physical experience to integrate a higher vibration of Love and connection.”                                                                     

    - Jamye Price, Opening to Light Language

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Reiki Level One Class

Expand your ability to heal yourself by attuning to Reiki energy!

Are you called to deeper healing for yourself?  Are you ready to open up to the healing energies of reiki in your life?  Are you ready to let go of the old and open to the new?  If reiki is calling you, then its time to step forward and connect with the healer within you.  Anyone and everyone can learn this energy healing technique!  The only prerequisite is a willingness and openness to learn!  Every single one of us is capable of transforming our own lives for the better.  Connecting to reiki energy has the ability to transform your life in so many wonderful ways.  It is my wish for you to experience the miracles this upleveling has to offer.  Reiki Level One is about connecting to a universal life force energy (divine love) and journeying within yourself to see what can be released and healed.  As we heal ourselves, we raise the vibration of all around us as well.


Did you know that YOU are surrounded and supported by divine love?  Are you ready to embrace reiki and discover the beauty and miracles inside and around you?


Reiki Level One class will include:

🔹Free video on grounding and energetic protection

🔹2 reiki books and printouts for class

🔹Special reiki gift from me to you

🔹Learn the history and basics of reiki

🔹Chakra clearing and alignment with singing bowls

🔹Meditation to receive guidance from a Reiki guide

🔹Attunement to Reiki 1

🔹Self reiki and practice with others in class

🔹Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level One

🔹Continued support on your journey - access to private FB group for all my students to ask questions and share experiences

🔹And so much more!

Course Fee: $222

Payment plans are available.  Email for more info!

Next Class will be   June 23, 2024! 

Class lasts from about 9:00 am - 4:30pm.  We will break one hour for lunch and also have 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.  Please dress comfortably!

Reiki Level Two Class

Deepen your connection to Reiki and learn to heal others as a practitioner!

Are you ready to open your  healing gifts to the next level?  Are you called to share reiki with those around you more formally?  In this level 2 course, we focus on healing others.  You will learn the first 3 reiki symbols to heal on the physical, mental and emotional levels. You will learn the basics for becoming a reiki practitioner and working with clients in a professional setting.  Reiki Level 2 will strengthen the flow of reiki in you and further open your intuitive skills.  Your personal healing continues as you learn to heal others.


*Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 is required before taking this class.  Please message me directly if you have taken Level 1 with another teacher and are interested in this Level 2 course.



Reiki Level 2 Classes will include:

🔹Free video on how to use a pendulum

🔹Reiki book and handouts for class

🔹A special reiki gift from me to you

🔹Learn 3 reiki symbols for physical, mental and emotional healing

🔹Learn how to do distance reiki 

🔹Guided meditation with your Reiki Guide

🔹Combining reiki with other healing modalities

🔹Learn how to create sacred healing circle

🔹How to work with clients, emotional release, intake form

🔹Diagram of a client session

🔹How to do psychic surgery

🔹Using a Reiki box

🔹Attunement to Reiki 2

🔹Practice sending distance reiki

🔹Reiki Level 2 Certificate - certification received after completion of 4 practice sessions (2 in person sessions and 2 distance sessions)

🔹Continued support on your journey - access to private FB group for all my students to ask questions and share experiences

🔹And so much more!!


Course Fee: $282

Payment plans are available.  Email for more info!

Next Class will be July 28, 2024!

Class lasts from about 9:00 am - 4:30pm.  We will break one hour for lunch and also have 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.  Please dress comfortably!

Reiki Master Teacher Class

Step into mastery and become the teacher in this level 3 course!

Are you ready to continue your reiki journey?  Are you ready to step into your mastery and become the teacher?  In this level 3 course you will learn advanced reiki techniques and learn to teach reiki and give attunements to others.  Reiki Master Teacher course will deepen your spiritual healing techniques and further open your psychic abilities. Discover how reiki is calling you to use it out in the world! 


*Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 are required before taking this class.  Please message me directly if you have taken Level 1 and/or Level 2 with another teacher and are interested in this Level 3 course.


Reiki Master Teacher Class will include:

🔹Class handouts and reiki book with advanced reiki symbols

🔹A special gift from me to you

🔹Meditation with Reiki Guide, receive info on how to use your reiki gifts


🔹Microcosmic orbit

🔹Dragon breath/violet breath

🔹Time transcendence

🔹Learn how to give attunements with the master symbol and raku

🔹Reiki 3 attunement

🔹Birth portals

🔹Surgery session

🔹Removing attachments/lower entities

🔹Send earthbound spirits to the light

🔹Online attunements

🔹Being the teacher

🔹Reiki and other modalities - finding your niche

🔹Practice giving attunements

🔹Reiki Master Teacher Certificate - certification received after completion 6 sessions on the same person (at least one week apart) with brief written reflections, then one session on me (can be done in person or at a distance)

🔹Continued support on your journey - access to private FB group for all my students to ask questions and share experiences

🔹And so much more!!


Course Fee: $333

**This course may now be scheduled on an individual basis! Contact me for schedule options.  We also have payment plans available! **

This class can be scheduled individually or with a group.  Class will be from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  We will break one hour for lunch and also have 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.  Please dress comfortably!

  • What should I expect during my Reiki session?
    In person sessions: Dress comfortably. You will lie on a reiki table with a blanket or sheet over you if you are cold. The practitioner will place crystals on or around your body and play crystal singing bowls to start the session. Then the practitioner will channel divine guidance through several hand positions on or above the body throughout the session. During the reiki flow, you may feel warmth or cold or tingling energy moving through your body. The practitioner's hands may feel very warm to you. You may even continue to feel her hands even after she has moved them to another position! Some people do not feel anything, but that does not mean it isn’t working! All clients have reported feeling much more relaxed and at peace at the end of a session. The singing bowls will be played again at the end of the session to alert you that the session has concluded. Sessions typically last one hour.
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that relieves stress and promotes relaxation. Reiki is a universal life force energy that can only be used for the highest good. A Reiki practitioner channels this energy, usually through the hands, to the intended recipient. Reiki energy can only be received if the recipient allows and gives permission. Reiki will bring the receiver’s body back into a state of balance so that the body can more effectively heal itself. The body is powerful and knows how to heal. Just as when you get a cut on your finger, your body heals itself, Reik brings the entire body into balance so this healing can happen on a larger scale. This process can occur on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.
  • Can Reiki be performed from a distance?
    Yes! Reiki is just as effective in person or from a distance! Physical space between the practitioner and the receiver is not relevant, just as prayers can travel through all time and space, so can reiki. It is a divine energy. During a distance reiki session, the receiver finds a quiet space where they will be undisturbed and gets in a comfortable position,seated or lying down at the agreed upon time the practitioner will be sending the reiki energy. You may experience the same sensations as in an in person session. Distance sessions can be done live through a virtual platform such as zoom, or pre-recorded and sent to you to listen to at the appointed time.
  • What is Sound Healing?
    Sound healing uses vibration frequencies from various sources to help the energy in your body come back into harmony and alignment. Sound healing can include various instruments such as the voice, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, chimes, gongs, etc. A sound healer invokes the sound of an instrument at a high frequency and that vibration travels through space and brings all in its path into a place of alignment. Sound healing can be used to help us release what no longer serves us, to attune (connect) to various angels and guides, to clear a physical space, to raise our own vibration, to bring a state of relaxation and peace. Sound healing works well in conjunction with reiki, crystal therapy and many other healing modalities.
  • What is Crystal Therapy?
    Crystal Therapy is the practice of using various crystals to bring the body back into a state of balance. Different crystals, which are found within the earth carry different frequencies. These various frequencies can be used for healing different types of problems - physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual pain or dis-ease. Crystal energy can work in a similar way as reiki energy in its affect on the body. Crystals are capable of holding a higher level of light and sound vibration than our physical bodies, and can therefore help us to anhor in higher vibrations for healing and spiritual connection. Crystal therapy works very well in conjunction with other modalities such as reiki, sound healing, and angel healing. Crystals can often magnify the intensity of the healing and help to hold the healing energy for us even after the session is over. For this reason, you may want to bring one of you own crystals to a session, if available!
  • What is an Angel Reading?
    In an angel reading, Kerri will tune in to your energy and that of your angel guides. She will then pull cards and interpret messages from your angel guides. You may request to be connected or attuned to your own guardian angel or to a specific Archangel who may be working with you at this time. You may ask a specific question to the angels, or ask for general guidance on your life path.
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