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Hi, I’m Kerri and I’m so glad you are here!   I am a Reiki Master Teacher,  Sound Healer, Angel Guide and Crystal Therapist.  I use my training as an opera singer, speech therapist, sound healer, crystal and angel guide to help others with energy/sound healing and communicating with the angelic realms. 

Since the day I was born into this life, my soul has been filled with song.  Music has always been my first love. It was only recently that I realized just how much the angels were singing to me and through me. 


When we open our hearts to the divine and allow ourselves to receive and hear what our guides are saying, we can be filled with tremendous and overflowing love and light. One cannot help but to share it. This gift revealed to me is the gift I wish to share with you, to help you find the song within your own soul. 


What is the song of your soul?  Have you found it?  Are you living it?  Let me help you discover and deepen it!  By allowing the Christ Light deep within you, you in turn become the beacon of Christ Light for others.


May you always dwell in love and light, 

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I offer virtual and in person reiki sessions, sound healing, angel readings, crystal therapy, spiritual coaching and classes.  Let’s work together to help you find your own inner balance, peace and joy.


Sound Healing

Crystal Therapy

Angel Reading

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How has Reiki changed my life?

There are so many ways!  Stepping into the practice of reiki has helped me to come to a place of complete physical healing.  I no longer suffer from migraines.  I no longer suffer with psoriatic arthritis.  I take ZERO medications!  🙌🏼 Also, I am no longer plagued by chronic stress or worry. I am also so blessed that I have been able to share this gift with family members, friends and clients to bring about physical, emotional and mental healing.  


I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude at the positive changes in my life.  REIKI encouraged me to start this journey and has supported me throughout.  These things did not happen overnight, but were born of a consistent and open hearted practice of connecting with a divine love that purifies all.    


Are you ready to ignite a change in your life? Do you feel the call in your heart?  Are you ready to heal?  Let’s connect and see how a reiki session can help you! ❤️

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