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Are you ready to ignite a change in your life? Do you feel the call in your heart?  Are you ready to heal?  Let’s connect and discover how I can help you move forward on your path!

Listen to an angelic sound healing 

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What is the Song of your Soul?

Have you found it? 
Are you living it? 
Let me help you discover and deepen it!

When we open our hearts to the divine and allow ourselves to receive and hear what our guides are saying, we can be filled with tremendous and overflowing love and light. One cannot help but to share it. This gift given to me is the gift I wish to share with you, to help you find the song within your own soul. 

let me help you with...

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I offer virtual and in person reiki sessions, sound healing, angel readings, crystal therapy, spiritual coaching and classes.  Let’s work together to help you find your own inner balance, peace and joy.

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Would you like to learn to heal yourself, and others, too?  Learn to trust your intuition and connect with your higher self in my light language class.  Or, discover your ability to heal yourself and others by attuning to Reiki energy.

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Soulful Meditations &
Sound Baths

Continue your journey of healing and discovery with my guided soulful meditations and sound baths. Meet new spirit guides, attune to high vibrational energies, receive insights for your life path.  Crystal singing bowls and sung angelic light language create an immersive healing experience through the energy of soothing sounds. As you ease into a relaxed meditative state, you will be more open to receive healing and guidance, deepening your connection to Spirit.


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My name is Kerri & I want to help you find the Song of your Soul.

Hi, I’m Kerri Mouch, at Sensory Healing for the Soul.  I’m a Sound Healer, Angel Guide, and Crystal Therapist. I’m certified by Kyle Gray as an Angel Guide and a Crystal Energy Guide.  I am Soundwaves Heal certified in Liquid Reiki Sound Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Light Language and Master Trance Channel.    


I use my training as an opera singer, speech therapist, sound healer, crystal and angel guide to help others with sound healing and communicating with the angelic realms. 

Reiki Sessions

Sound Healing

Angel Readings

Crystal Therapy

Spiritual Coaching

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"It is the best medicine for my heart and my soul, as well as a stronger spiritual connection"

It is really hard to put into words what Kerri has done for me through her Reiki sessions.  She has helped me with both mental and physical pain, as well as energy, a positive outlook and an overall calmness. I'm always wanting more of the perfect amount of balance.  It is the best medicine for my heart and my soul, as well as a stronger spiritual connection.  I trust Kerri and know that she is strong in her faith and the spirits in our reiki sessions are kind and good for my well being.  My world has been more peaceful with reiki in it. Thank you, Kerri, for the spiritual growth you have helped me through. Can’t wait for our next session! 

Jill K.

Hello beautiful souls!
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