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Light Language Class

Be attuned to the Language of Light!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 144 US dollars
  • One Heart Yoga

Service Description

Have you ever wanted to become attuned to light language? Learn the basics of light language and become attuned to several different modalities of light language - singing (or toning), speaking, drawing/writing, drumming, hand movements, singing bowls and/or other instruments. We will tailor this class based on your strengths/preferences. Learn to become more comfortable with toning/singing using some basic vocal techniques from Kerri, a former opera singer and voice teacher. If desired, you may also learn basic techniques for playing singing bowls - different types of bowls, set up, types of mallets, how to strike the bowl, playing a set of bowls. We will focus on developing trust in your own intuition so that you can more fully allow the light language to flow through you. LIGHT LANGUAGE CLASS WILL INCLUDE: 🔹Definition of Light Language 🔹Uses of Light Language 🔹How to channel Light Language 🔹Attunement to Light Language for singing (or toning), speaking, writing/drawing, drumming, hand movements/gestures, singing bowls 🔹Basics of Singing and Crystal Singing Bowls (if desired) 🔹Setting intentions, self healing, aligning to love 🔹Practicing various forms of Light Language “Light language is a profound communication with your Higher Self; your Higher Self speaks it fluently. The Languages that come through you (or that you are drawn to receive) are a reflection of your soul’s history and your life path on Earth. Your Higher Self transduces the frequencies so they are healing and expansive at the appropriate pace for you. As you communicate more deeply with and through your Higher Self, you expand your physical experience to integrate a higher vibration of Love and connection.” - Jamye Price, Opening to Light Language

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