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Mahatma Energy Meditation Bundle


The Mahatma Energy is a very high vibrational energy, created in the time of Atlantis. It combines several different “flavors” of energy into one great pool of light to be used for healing, manifesting, spiritual growth & connecting to the higher realms. Some energies included in the Mahatma Energy are Christ Light, Buddha energy, Archangel Metatron, the 12 rays, unicorn energy, the White Ascension Flame & Goddess of Love energy. Working with the Mahatma Energy on a regular basis will raise the base frequencies of our own bodies & fields, building our crystalline light body in preparation for the new Golden Age. MEDITATION 1: Mahatma Energy Activation Meditation Archangel Metatron guides you to the pool of Mahatma Energy through an Atlantean Temple portal. In this meditation you will: 🔹 Attune to Archangel Metatron to clear your energy fields & receive a higher light activation 🔹 Journey to an Atlantean Temple to connect to Mahatma Energy 🔹 Attune to Mahatma Energy & receive a gentle yet powerful alignment with this high vibrational energy 🔹 Receive a gift from Metatron to help you remain connected to Mahatma Energy & use it when needed 🔹 Receive a message from Metatron about how you should work with Mahatma Energy MEDITATION 2: Manifesting a 5D Future with Mahatma Energy We are each powerful manifestors of our own reality. Step into your gifts & actively create the 5D future you long to see! When we collectively anchor the energies of our creation, we have the ability to magnetize that creation, bringing it forward more clearly & quickly. Be the Creator you are, as you are guided to illuminate a 5th Dimensional Golden future. In this meditation you will: 🔹 Receive a clearing & attunement to Mahatma Energy 🔹 Use the Mahatma Energy to journey to the 5D future you create 🔹 Tap into the collective vision of a 5D future 🔹 Anchor yourself to this vision with Mahatma Energy so that you are effortlessly & magnetically drawn to the space of your creation




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