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Awakening the Alta Major Chakra


The Alta Major Chakra is a chakra located at the back of the neck and base of the skull. This chakra becomes active during spiritual awakening. When activated, the alta major chakra can receive and send frequency vibrations throughout the neck, brain and spine. It connects to the root chakra, the third eye and the crown. It has been called the seat of consciousness or the mouth of the goddess, acting as a portal or galactic doorway to higher realms. Activating this chakra helps us to release attachments and old constructs and allows opening to higher vibrations, cosmic waves and new levels of perception. We receive the sound vibrations into the body, coming into alignment with the frequencies until we become the tuning rod, the conduit, of higher light in this physical space. Activating this chakra is necessary in preparing the physical body to receive the higher energy of the light body for ascension… but only when one is ready. In this mediation you will: 🔹 Receive an alta major chakra clearing and activation. 🔹 Meet a spiritual being who will guide and help you with portals and astral travel. 🔹 Travel to a place of your choosing (another timeline, another star system, a past or future life) to receive a message that will help you on your ascension path.




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