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Sound Bath - AA Joules & Mary Water Healing


For this live Sound Bath Recording, we are joined by Archangel Joules & Mother Mary, who use the energy of the water to bring us a deep healing. This water energy helps to clear, purify, detox, & release in a gentle but strong flow. As we clear our physical bodies, we also receive an emotional clearing. The water energy guides us to clear the physical, the emotional & the mental bodies in order to allow source light to enter in. Some have asked me, “What am I expected to do at a sound bath?” The answer is, do nothing, just ALLOW this process to unfold within you. Allow the energy of the water - it’s strength, it’s power, it’s gentleness, it’s clarity - to bring you to a space of clarity and receptiveness to your Light Path & Purpose. Awakening to your Purpose and walking your Light Path also activates deep healing on every level. What does this Sound Bath include? The angels guide you on an enlightening journey within yourself, as I sing angelic light language and intuitively play crystal singing bowls. This immersive healing experience uses the energy of soothing sounds infused with reiki and angelic healing. Allow your bodies and fields to be bathed by sound, bringing forth clearing and healing to raise your vibration and align you with the frequencies of peace, calm, joy, focus, serenity. This experience will bring your body back into a state of balance and alignment.




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