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Sound Bath - Illuminating the Divine Love Within with Lady Nada


The month of February aligns to and carries the vibrational currents of love. We often get distracted or caught up in an outside source of love, which can create imbalance. At this time we are called to recenter, to turn inward and focus on the love within. Do we truly give ourselves the love we deserve?? Is there a space where you would like to show more love and acceptance for yourself? For our sound bath this month, we are joined by the beautiful ascended master Lady Nada, who helps us to open to pure, divine unconditional love. During this sound bath she will bless us in radiant pink and gold light so that we can open our hearts to the divine spark which is at the core of our heart space. She encourages us to see the truth of who we really are, which is LOVE. Every single one of us!! Lady Nada also says that loving the best parts of yourself is the easy part. She is coming forward to help us light up from within, so that there are no more shadows, so that we can truly see and love EVERY part of ourselves. It is time to ignite the light within and let go, to let ourselves love and be loved. First we open to the divine love within and then we are able to reflect that same love to others. This Sound Bath includes 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras and Vocal Light Language of the angels.




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