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Sound Bath - Full Wolf Moon Clair Opening with Archangel Haniel


Join me for a special sound bath recorded on the first Full Moon of 2024, the Full Wolf Moon! In the first month of this new year, it is a perfect time to set intentions and clear manifestations for the year ahead. Where would you like to see growth on your spiritual path? Would you like to heal yourself? Communicate with guides? Learn new skills? Trust your own intuition? We will tap into our hidden potential, just like the capable and clever wolf, inviting the light of the Full Wolf Moon to illuminate and activate our clair senses. This will help us to move forward with our personal intentions and growth in the year ahead. Archangel Haniel, who is known as the Angel of the Moon and the Angel of Loving Joy, is readily accessible for us all at the full moon. She comes forward to help us find balance, joy, inner strength and confidence. She can use the lunar currents to especially help your spiritual growth by activating your clair senses, if you ask her. This Sound Bath includes 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras and Vocal Light Language of the angels.




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