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Sound Bath-Higher Christ Light Activation on the Solstice


As the planet continues to evolve and raise in vibration, we are able to access higher and higher vibrations of divine love. On the December Solstice of 2023, a higher harmonic of Christ Light comes in to align us with divine love, unity and balance in all things. Open yourself and create space to receive this special gift. For this sound bath we will be working with 3 main energies. 💜 First, Archangel Zadkiel brings forward the energy of the Violet Flame to wash and cleanse our bodies and fields, releasing the old and preparing space for the new. 🤍 Second, Archangel Gabriel fills us with his diamond white light to purify us and bring us into alignment with clarity. 💛 Third, Archangel Christine and the Christ Lighted Angels pour a higher harmonic of Christ Light into our auric fields, so that we can align to and radiate a higher vibration of divine love, unity and balance. During this sound bath we are also joined by many other high vibrational beings who all carry different aspects of the Christ Light. Receiving the blessings from these angels and beings of light will empower us to become beacons of light for all around us, illuminating the path and helping to awaken gifts and qualities in ourselves and others! This Sound Bath includes 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras and Vocal Light Language of the angels.




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