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Solar Sound Bath - Purification & Detox with Solar Light Codes


Sound Bath Recorded During the Solstice Energy! Purification & Detox with Solar Light Codes from Helios with Archangel Metatron ✨ Recorded during the solstice, this sound bath can be beneficial at any time! ✨ For this special solstice sound bath, AA Metatron guides us through a portal to Helios, the Great Central Sun. There we access the highest level of solar light codes that each of our bodies is ready to receive. Metatron invites us to bathe in the powerful solar light codes to purify & cleanse our bodies at the cellular level. This process will also detoxify our physical bodies, creating space for higher vibrations to enter. It is very important to drink lots of water both before & after this sound bath. What is the summer solstice? In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is marked by the longest day & shortest night of the year. In other words, the sun may be seen as “standing still” as it marks the peak of the long summer days. It is said that the sun’s energy is heightened at this time of the solstice. It is a wonderful time to fully connect with the vitality & power of not only our sun, but the great central sun of our universe, Helios. During the solstice, the veil between physical reality & non-physical reality is very thin & easily moved aside, so that we can access heightened energies of healing & growth. The solstice is a wonderful time of transformation & manifestation. Join us as we hold space for the transformation & manifestation of healthier & purer physical bodies! This sound bath will include: 🔷 Attunement to the mighty Archangel Metatron 🔷 Journey to Helios, the Great Central Sun, where Metatron creates all of the light codes for our universe. 🔷 Attunement to the highest vibration of solar light codes that our bodies can safely handle at this time. 🔷 Purification & detox of the body at a cellular level. Sound Bath includes 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras & Vocal Light Language of Archangel Metatron & Helios.




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