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Sound Bath-Archangel Michael Deep Clearing


Come experience a profoundly deep clearing of the energetic bodies with Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael is known as the Angel of Protection, of Strength and Courage and Truth. 💙💙💙 He joins us in this sound bath to bless us. During the sound bath, Archangel Michael surrounds us in his powerful sapphire blue light. In this space of safety and protection we can relax and let go. He empowers us to overcome fear, dissolve blocks, and see clearly a higher truth. Archangel Michael also fills us with strength so that we can move forward on our highest path. Is there any idea or situation or experience that you feel is holding you back from stepping into your light and embodying who you truly are? Join the sound bath to receive the following blessings from Archangel Michael: 🔷 Receive and attune to AA Michael’s blue light of protection 🔷 Release any negative energy that may be in your body and auric field 🔷 Dissolve barriers and blocks to your own divine light 🔷 Align your vibration with the following qualities: safety, courage, truth, strength Come away feeling renewed, refreshed and empowered in your light! This Sound Bath includes 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras and Vocal Light Language of Archangel Michael.




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