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Sound Bath - Solar Light Upgrade on the Solstice


For this Sound Bath, recorded live on the Solstice June 21, 2023, we are joined by Archangel Metatron who attunes us to the higher levels of light energy coming through our Sun Helios & the Great Central Sun. We connect these powerful energies directly into our personal sun center, the solar plexus. Attuning to & integrating these light levels will help us adjust to the rising energies around us with greater ease. This magnetic energy brings forth growth, creativity, expansion & new opportunities. When our bodies & fields are aligned to the energy of the sun, we can be fully energized & open to our light paths. We become anchor points of this golden light, which not only brings us healing, but also advances our growth. When we are aligned to higher vibrations, we are also able to effortlessly spread light to others around us. Are you ready to step into the light and receive this gift? What does this Sound Bath include? The angels guide you on an enlightening journey within yourself, as I sing angelic light language and intuitively play crystal singing bowls. This immersive healing experience uses the energy of soothing sounds infused with reiki and angelic healing. Allow your bodies and fields to be bathed by sound, bringing forth clearing and healing to raise your vibration and align you with the frequencies of peace, calm, joy, focus, serenity. This experience will bring your body back into a state of balance and alignment.




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