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1:1 Healing Sessions

60 mins - $120

I typically combine a bit of everything for a comprehensive healing session- crystal singing bowls with sung angelic sound healing, crystal therapy to bring balance and a full body reiki treatment. 


First, I will guide you through a self energy examination to determine what crystals and/or other healing tools would be most beneficial for you at this time. Then I will begin the healing session with crystal singing bowls and sung angelic light language to bring you into a meditative and healing space. Next, I follow intuitive guidance directing a full body reiki session in conjunction with healing crystals. 


Each session will end with singing bowls and angelic healing again. I will also share with you any insights (what I see, hear, feel, etc) received during the session to enhance your healing experience. 

Sessions are offered in person or virtually on zoom.  You may specify your preference at checkout.

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1:1 Angel Readings

60 mins - $120

30 mins - $60

This session may be done in person or virtually through zoom.  You may ask about a specific question/situation or ask for general guidance.  During your angel reading, I will interpret an oracle card spread, channel an angel to give insights and do a personal sound healing attunement. You may ask for a specific angel if you would like or whichever is coming forward for you at this time.  I can also connect you to your personal guardian angel.  

🔷 Group sessions are also available upon request! Contact me here for more details.



1:1 Spiritual Coaching Sessions

60 mins - $120

This session may be done in person or virtually through zoom.  Continue your journey with an individual coaching session tailored to your preferences!  We can focus any of the following:

🔷 Attune to a specific Spirit Guide or Energy (Angelic, Elemental, Galactic, Ascended Master, etc)

🔷 Open your clairs to enhance your spirtiual development (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc)

🔷 Learn different ways to channel and communicate with your guides to receive your own messages

🔷 And so much more!  Ask me for details here!

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Sensory Healing Brand Book.jpg

Let me help you Heal through

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Sound Healing

Crystal Therapy

Angel Reading

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