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Angelic Healing Sound Bath

This course can no longer be booked.

Archangel Chamuel & Seraphim Seraphina will bring us to a space of healing and self love!

  • Ended
  • 25 US dollars
  • One Heart Yoga

Service Description

Angelic Healing Sound Bath facilitated by Kerri Mouch! Give yourself an immersive healing experience through the energy of soothing sounds infused with reiki and angelic healing. Allow your bodies and fields to be bathed by sound, bringing forth clearing and healing to raise your vibration and align you with the frequencies of peace, calm, joy, focus, serenity. This experience will bring your body back into a state of balance and alignment, which allows deep healing. Sound baths promote reduced stress, relaxation, wellness, and a calm and balanced mind/body. In this sound bath, Archangel Chamuel and Seraphim Seraphina will be coming in with a powerful and deep inner heart healing so that we can connect to and embody self love on a soul level. Their soothing energies will create a space for us to embrace forgiveness and release fears, old wounds and stories we tell ourselves. This deep dive into the heart space will allow healing and help us to love ourselves more so that we can then in turn love others! We will start with a very short guided mediation to help bring us to a high vibrational space where we can more clearly communicate with Chamuel and Seraphina 💖 So excited to work with these energies! This Sound Bath will include 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to the 7 chakras and Vocal Light Language of Archangel Chamuel and Seraphim Seraphina.

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