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Join me in these
Meditation Experiences

Continue your journey of healing and discovery with my soulful meditations. Meet new spirit guides, attune to high vibrational energies, receive insights for your life path.  Crystal singing bowls and sung angelic light language will also ease you into a relaxed meditative state where you will be more open to receive healing and guidance, deeping your connection to Spirit.

Sensory Healing Brand Book.jpg
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SENSORY HEALING SOCIALS (1600 × 800px).jpg

What is the Mahatma Energy?

The Mahatma Energy is a very high vibrational energy that was created in the time of Atlantis.  It combines several different “flavors” of energy into one great pool of light to be used for healing, manifesting, spiritual growth and connecting to the higher realms.  Some energies included in the Mahatma Energy are Christ Light, Buddha energy, Archangel Metatron, the 12 rays, unicorn energy, the White Ascension Flame, and Goddess of Love energy.  Working with the Mahatma Energy on a regular basis will raise the base frequencies of our own bodies and fields, building our crystalline light body in preparation for the new Golden Age.

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