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Sound Bath - Earth Star Activation, AA Sandalphon


As the energies continue to shift on the planet, we find ourselves working with a new, higher vibrational energetic platform. Stepping into these energies can be disorienting as it adjusts & raises the vibration of various parts of our energy fields. It is important to ground deeply into this new platform of energy, so that we can continue to move forward with ease. We are being guided to open our minds to new methods of grounding & integrating different techniques into our previous efforts in staying grounded. Archangel Sandalphon, who is known as the Tall Angel and also the Angel of Music, is in charge of our Earth Star Chakras. He uses various vibrations & colors to anchor our energy harmonically into the Earth Star Chakra. Grounding into the "old" energy platform will not be as effective as it was previously. AA Sandalphon is coming forward to show us a new way to work with the shifting vibrations. In this sound bath AA Sandalphon activates our Earth Star Chakras & aligns them to the highest vibrations available at this time. This alignment will ground you deeply & leave you feeling very clear & balanced. If you are struggling with shifting/integrating any new energies at this time, this sound bath will help to ease the stress & symptoms in the nervous system & physical body as you come into a higher alignment. Enjoy 7 Crystal Singing Bowls aligned to 7 chakras & Vocal Light Language of AA Sandalphon & Lady Gaia as well as cosmic currents from Jupiter.




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